Bike Rentals

A Bike For Any Occasion

Oxygen Bike Co. is your source for renting a bicycle in Toronto. Whether you are riding a charity event just one time, visiting Toronto for a week or deciding whether to get into cycling, we have you covered.  We rent road bikes, mountain bikes, commuters and even include a free helmet for each bike rented. All our bikes are meticulously maintained and safety-inspected before you leave the store.

Email us at or call 416-259-2453.

Road Bikes

from $39/day or $180 per week

Path & Mountain Bikes

from $39/day or $150 per week

Fat Bikes

from $55/day or $280 per week

Annual Used Bike Swap


Once per year, we offer a Used Bike Swap. We will assess your bike and agree to a reasonable value of what it might sell for at the swap. If it needs anything prior to sale for the safety of the new owner, we help advise you of any costs associated with that. If it sells, you choose between either taking 100% of the sale value in the form of store credit, or 80% in the form of a cheque. Cheques will be issued the week after the event.


If you don’t need a shiny new bike, come view all of the used bikes we’ll have. Typically, we’ll have everything from $50 beaters to $2000 used carbon and mountain bikes. We’ll even have some deals on brand new bikes such as older clearout models. HST is applicable on all bikes new or used. Plus we’ll have a full selection of accessories to outfit your new “previously loved” bike.

All unsold bikes must be picked up by their owner the day after the swap as we have minimal storage space. Call the shop at 416-259-2453 for details.  Please note this event only once per year, typically in May.