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evoc Stage Capture 16L

evoc Stage Capture 16L
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The STAGE CAPTURE 16L sports backpack is EVOC's solution for transporting compact camera systems in extreme sport scenarios. Perfect carrying comfort and great back support provide the stability that is so vital for biking and winter sports, combined with all the features that photographers and filmmakers need.

- Low profile back system that fits more snugly to the back
- Ergonomically optimized hip belt and self-adjusting BRACE LINK shoulder belt system
- Extra-wide, well-ventilated elastic hip belt made from AIROFLEX
- The camera can be accessed easily and swiftly from the side
- Individually adjustable camera compartment with padded compartment dividers
- Simple, efficient organization as the camera compartment's cover can be folded right back on itself.
- Optimal air circulation on the back due to the AIRFLOW CONTACT SYSTEM.
- Ideal for mountain biking or alpine sports.
- Additional compartments for laptop and hydration bladder, personal items and small parts