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Feeling Locked Down?

FREE DELIVERY* on TACX, WAHOO and SARIS direct drive smart trainers.

*Within Mississauga, Etobicoke, Toronto proper.  Call 416-259-2453 for details

TACX Trainers


Saris Trainers

Sunlite Trainers


  1. Is Oxygen open?   Yes.  No appointment necessary.  Wear a mask.  Two people / families in at one time.
  2. Are you fixing bikes now?   Yes.  Quick repairs like flat tires are same day.  More advanced tasks like Tune-up's are typically completed with a day or two now that we're in the off-season.    Call 416-259-2453 to discuss timing.
  3. Do you have bikes in stock now?  Yes.  The store is finally full again.  But not every combination of size, colour and model is necessarily available in stock.  Phone 416-259-2453 if you are specific about colour or model.
  4. Can I pre-order a specific bike for future delivery?  Yes, but note that some of the most popular bikes are delivering in 2022 or later.   Call 416-259-2453 to discuss pre-orders and the deposit procedure.  Deposits are non-refundable and required for pre-orders.   



Unlike other shops which only give you 2 or 3 free tune-ups, we do it forever.  It's included with every bike purchase.

Will we change your flat tires and replace your worn out chain for free?  No.  But we'll be happy to adjust your brakes and tune your gears to keep your bike running smoothly at absolutely no charge.  Not once.  Not twice...but for as long as you own your new bike.  We believe you'll love your bike more when it's working perfectly.  And that makes for a happy customer.

Bike Repairs

We fix every model and every brand of bike on the market.  Flat tires are repaired "while you wait".  Tune-ups, suspension overhauls and custom wheel building are just some of the 40 services we offer related to keeping your bicycle running like new.  

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Bike Rentals

Whether you need a bike for a day or a two-week vacation, we've got a ride for you.  Our rental bikes are perfect for paths and cycling trails.

Occasionally, we will have high end road bikes and mountain bikes for rent.  Call 416-259-2453 to enquire.

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