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The Norco Fluid FS series.  The best value 140mm trail bike on the planet.

Up to $1000 off MSRP while supplies last.

Fluid FS 4 - Reg $2,999.  On sale for $1,999
Fluid FS 3.  Reg:  $3,399.   On sale for $2,499
Fluid FS 2 - Reg $3,999.  On sale for $3,199Fluid FS 1.  Reg:  $4,999.   On sale for $4,249


Look Again!  It's Electric!   The Trek Fuel EX-E.   And the price just dropped $1300 while supplies last.

The new Trek Fuel EXE is so light and slim, it'll take a moment to believe there's a pedal assist motor hidden in there.   It's everything you love about trail riding, but with more laps, more speed and more fun.    Starting from $7099.



Unlike other shops which only give you 2 or 3 free tune-ups, we do it forever.  It's included with every new bike purchase.

Will we change your flat tires and replace your worn out chain for free?  No.  But we'll be happy to adjust your brakes and tune your gears to keep your bike running smoothly at absolutely no charge.  Not once.  Not twice...but for as long as you own your new bike.  We believe you'll love your bike more when it's working perfectly.  And that makes for a happy customer.