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Used Bike Swap - April 13, 2024.  One Day Only

Oxygen Bike Co's Annual Used Bike Swap is Saturday April 13.    This is where we bring together sellers and buyers and we do all the work.


Everything!  We'll have $2000 race bikes, $150 beaters, kids bikes, vintage bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, city bikes and more.  If it's used, it'll be here.  We'll even add a few clearance bikes of our own that are brand new, leftover from last year.


If you have a used bicycle you want us to sell on your behalf, you must deliver your bike to our store between Monday April 8 and Thursday April 11. We'll give it a quick visual inspection to ensure it's safe for the next owner.   Do not drop your bike off the day of the's too late.     We know what used bikes sell for and we'll give you guidance on what to price your bike at.   You have the option of either taking 100% of the selling price in the form of store credit (meaning No Commission).  Or, we'll cut you a cheque for 80% of the selling price if you prefer a cash payout.    Payments usually take a few days to process.


If you are a buyer, all the action starts at precisely 10am on Saturday April 13.   Expect a line up.  Expect the person beside you to want the same used bike you are looking at.  Over half the bikes sell in the first 10 minutes.  It's fun.  It's chaotic.  It's one day only!


Call us and we'll walk you through all your questions.  It's easier to chat than write 20 emails back and forth - so just phone us at 416-259-2453.

We'll see you Saturday April 13 at 10am sharp!